The development of technology in the digital age has transformed a wide variety of desires into reality today. One of them is the desire to make money without working in an office which can be realized with technology in the form of the internet. 

Apart from opening an online shop by purchasing cheap VPS, from time to time, more and more people are creating personal blogs and using them to get money from the internet.

3 Ways to Make Money from the Internet with Blogs

The existence of blogs in the virtual universe cannot be underestimated. Its existence is so important as an information provider platform that is comparable to mainstream online media in general. In fact, many people rely more on the information they receive from the blog due to the emotional bond they have created with the author as the owner of their blog.

Seeing this phenomenon, it is no surprise that when the blogger profession started growing in millennial circles. But in fact, many people do not understand that the income from a blog cannot be received directly in a short period of time.

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In the end, it requires patience and consistency to be able to get high traffic, and blogs can be more optimistically monetized. Therefore, there are many ways by which you can try to increase blog visitors and get a fast income through blogs.

Here are 3 ways to get money from the internet with a blog:

1. Make use of Affiliate Marketing:-

One program that is increasingly being used as a source of income from the Internet is affiliate marketing. The purpose of this program is to promote the product of a brand. If you have joined, you can start looking for new users for the brand to get additional income.

It is quite easy to join as a member or as an affiliate marketing member. You only need to enter the brand site that has the program and can place a special link on your website. The link is usually embedded in a particular banner or keyword from a related brand to a product review article.

Example of an affiliate marketing website is: Couponmandi coupons and Promo codes

A common challenge facing this program is instructing visitors to squeeze links and make purchases on websites of brands affiliated with you.

One way you can start sending visitors to your affiliate link is to create content relevant to the brand. For example, you are already affiliated with a brand of web hosting service providers. Therefore, create content that is relevant to hosting usage. You can create content such as the benefits of using hosting, how to maximize hosting as an online purchase and sales website, and more.

Not only blog content that can be used as a platform to boost revenue from affiliate marketing. You can maximize the marketing links and coupons of your affiliate vouchers via social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Review content that is associated with affiliate marketing may be exposed to a larger audience.

2. Offering Advertising Services:-

Online marketing can be done in various ways. In addition to SEO, advertisements or advertisements can be used as tools to bring more traffic to content. You can use this opportunity by opening advertising services on the blog. Earned revenue can be based on the number of clicks in the search engine or the ranking level of your website.

One of the most used advertiser tools is ad networks such as Google Adsense. Blogs wishing to install Adsense ads have to be registered first. After being successful, the advertisement will be placed in the location or location that you provide for advertising on the blog. The earnings from Adsense will follow the amount of traffic to your blog. The higher the number of visitors, the more income will be received.

Apart from ad networks, you can target ads to people who have services according to the content you create. Say you have a website design and architecture. You can provide a special place for companies and furniture brands who want to promote their products according to the target market through their website.

Not only to provide space for advertisers, but you can also offer authorization services to create paid content or sponsored posts. Through this service, advertisers pay you to review and provide backlinks to the company's website. After the content is published, you also do social partnerships through social media to reach a wider audience.

3. Open an Online Course:-

Do you have experience in the culinary world as a chef? Or perhaps you have been involved in photography for a long time as a professional photographer? Try opening online courses or online classes from your blog.

By having a blog, you can enrich content with a wide variety of knowledge about the field that you have mastered. If your blog is already strong in terms of content, image, or personal branding, then a professional in that field will become one himself. The credibility of the blog will inspire your visitors to learn more from you.

For this reason, it does not hurt to be an instructor on online learning platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Bitdegree and various other online learning platforms, before starting an online course session through a personal website. These platforms can later increase your "flying hours" as an online teacher. In this way, your performance will be honored and there will be more people who believe in the course services you provide.

There are several ways that can be done if you intend to "sell" and earn income as an online trainer through your website. In addition to expanding your portfolio through online learning platforms, you need to install plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads, if you use WordPress as your website platform. This plugin will then direct website visitors to access files that need further study in your class.

With the use of the right plugin, you can maximize your personal website to share knowledge with those who want to learn online more easily. Various guides like e-learning can be adjusted in various formats, such as PDF, video with a fixed duration, for audio that can be heard while performing other activities.

Through plugins such as Easy Digital Download, you can limit access to the data that can be downloaded. This access restriction can be used to offer your website members a fixed fee or fee to be able to access the desired "premium" data. In this way, you can get more income from the content created.


Using a blog to get money from the internet is not an instant way that can be obtained with only 1-2 posts. It takes persistence and continuity to adapt content over time. Manage the content your visitors need regularly so that your traffic increases. In this way, you will also follow the income received through the blog. Happy Blogging!

Thank You...!
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