Blog Traffic Is Declining? This is the SEO 2020 Google Algorithm Update - In 2020, of course, we want this year to be better than 2019 yesterday, including our performance in doing search engine optimization so that our website pages remain in the top 5 of Google's search results. Therefore we must always follow the latest Google algorithm development.

Blog Traffic Declines? This is the Google 2020 SEO Algorithm Update

After previously Google announced the use of AI technology in their search algorithm called Google BERT, this time Google made an update on one of its Algorithms, Broad Core with the name January 2020 Core UpdateAs can be seen in the Google press release on their twitter account on January 13, 2020.

 Blogging is one activity that is of course fun and can make an income for users through advertisements posted on the website. However, did you know that many of the writers or novice bloggers, even those who are considered experts (masters) are often confused with Google's algorithm? This is due to Google's algorithm which is always changing every year, but that's the thrill of competing on search engines.

Maybe the Algorithm Update Every "January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November, and December," Well, for SEO beginners, did you know that Google has various types of algorithms with their respective functions. There is a duty to check the authenticity of the article, how fast it is, correct grammar governance, ascertain whether the site or article is feasible, and much more. This Google algorithm has the right to decide whether your website or article is friendly in the Google search engine because the Google algorithm is very influential for your continued development of a website.

So, this is a reference that can open your horizons from building a website. No matter how great the person is creativity, but when they do not know the work system or page rating in the search engine, it will feel less optimal. This Google algorithm should not be underestimated or ignored if you ignore this Google algorithm, then getting ready is very difficult to compete for the front page of the Google search engine, even your website or article will be on the very last page, and can also not be indexed at all in search engines, one of which is the influence of Google's algorithm.

Google 2020 Search Algorithm Update

According to Google's official announcement, the new BERT update will affect 10% of overall search results, in all languages. The statement said that BERT was the most significant leap forward in the last five years, and one of the biggest leaps ahead in the search history.

With so much emphasis being given to the latest Google Algorithm Update - BERT, it is likely to refer to SEO history books along with its predecessors, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and RankBrian.

The update will affect 1 in 10 organic search results on Google search, with a big impact on Search Snippets, aka Featured Snippets.

Representation of the Two-Way Encoder from Transformers, codenamed BERT, is a machine learning progress made by Google that involves Artificial Intelligence innovation efforts.

The BERT model processes words in relation to all other words in a sentence, not one at a time in sequence. This gives more impetus to the purpose and context of the search query and provides the results that the user is looking for.

Currently being used in the US in English, it supports one out of every ten searches. BERT will also come to more cities and languages ​​in the future. "

The new BERT update makes Google one step closer to achieving perfection in understanding natural language. This also means that the voice search results will see a significant increase.

To find out more about the BERT Google Update, read our wide range of origins, concepts, and their impact on Google search results.

How Does This Core Update Effect On SEO?

Each algorithm update will definitely give an impact on Google's search results as well as by doing optimization, so it needs to make some adjustments to the optimization process. For this update Google likens the list of 10 Best Films, say your page ranks Google 1 for the keyword "10 Best Hollywood Films" in 2016, of course, your content will become irrelevant again in the following years so it needs to be adjusted accordingly lower your page rank and replace it with more fresh and updated content. 

This means that Google wants to ensure that the search results displayed have content that is updated and relevant to the current conditions. So you could say now 2020 even started a few years ago this is the era of content creators so that SEO in the end as if only the impact obtained from quality content.

Blog Traffic Declines? This is the Google 2020 SEO Algorithm Update

My Traffic (Blog visitors) is reduced by about 50% 

Blog Traffic Declines? This is the Google 2020 SEO Algorithm Update

Why is my Traffic (Blog visitors) reduced by about 50% in the past 1 month, and after I check again some of the articles that were previously on page 1 of the search are now backward on the back page.

Things I've done:

1. Resubmit sitemap.xml to webmaster tools
2. Update articles almost every day (I've done this in 1 week).
3. Sharing my article URL to forums / social media
4. Checking broken links and I have fixed all
5. Updating the latest version in my article (old article, I updated)

If people think that being on page 1 is easy, just try it yourself with various longtail keywords or low-search keywords. I guarantee, in 2020 this will not rise. There are several factors that cause a blog or website to be rather difficult to compete on page one, including:

1. Website Still New:-

If your website is still new, so naturally it will be very difficult to compete. This is one of the main indicators that causes Google to make a strict selection. There are some people who really understand this, but some people don't understand and force the web to be on page one, what's the result? Yes clearly, nothing.

For you who still have a new website, you shouldn't be too ambitious. For example, ambitious plant backlinks everywhere, comment spam everywhere and the results will be very clear. Your keyword will be difficult to enter in search engines because you can say your website is spamming. So, if a new website, I recommend writing articles as well as possible with a clear target.

2. Irrelevant article:-

Most of us bloggers complain and are confused about how to write good quality content. Don't be confused, because you must first adjust the theme of your website. For example, your website is about SEO, so you have to discuss various current SEO problems. Well, if you are consistent in writing relevant articles, then your website will easily enter the search engines.

In addition, as much as possible you write for humans. Not for google robots. So make articles or content that is meaningful and has a clear meaning so that the web automatically is also recommended by humans through social networks. I once discussed how to write quality SEO articles that might help you solve this problem.

3. Not Using SSL or HTTPS:-

2018, https is very influential for a website to enter the competition on the first page. Well, this is an obstacle for some internet marketing. Many do not understand the difference between HTTPS and HTTP.

Basically, HTTPS is one of the best ways for you to browse the web by google robots. Because, the indicator of HTTPS is thrust or trust, so the website is easier to index.

4. Algorithm Renewal:-

The Google 2020 algorithm is currently very cruel and arguably very unpredictable. If in 2019, the Google algorithm can be conquered and there are many ways that can be taken to avoid the algorithm, but in 2019 the story is different because there are some changes that can not be known by some people especially a webmaster.

The renewal of the Google algorithm is still being studied and some say that the factors I mentioned above are the main indicators so that websites can appear on Google. Therefore, many people complain about website traffic going down and so on, even though they don't know that Google is making massive changes to its search engine.

5. Not doing keyword research:-

This last factor is the main key for you who often lose visitors. Losing visitors can occur because you have never done the keyword research. To do research, you can use Google Suggest or the mainstay tools, bro. Also, make sure your website must be relevant

10 Google Algorithms (Learn SEO Website) You Need to Know

In this article, we will discuss in full the types of Google algorithms that could be used as a reference for learning SEO in 2020. The 10 types of algorithms are the Google Broad Core Algorithm, Google Payday, Google Pigeon, Google Sandbox, Google Rank Brain, Google Hummingbird, Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Fred, and Google Mobile. For more details, here are the full reviews for you.

# Google Broad Core Algorithm

Google is a platform that is very dynamic to follow its development every day, but it also needs to be updated is the algorithm. The Google update is very helpful in optimizing search engines, so it is very mandatory to follow Google's algorithm updates, one of which is the Google Broad Core Algorithm.

What is the Google Broad Core Algorithm?

The Google Broad Core Algorithm is an algorithm that emphasizes important points, and this algorithm has several influences on your website and includes an algorithm that focuses on writing content. What points are the priorities of this Google Broad Core algorithm? please check the next section.

The Task Of Google Broad Core Algorithms

Determine the Purpose of Users and Queries

So that the Google search engine is not confused, it must be focused on the user's goals and requests such as what is entered into the search engine. It is conceivable if you are able to capture the purpose of the request properly, then relevant information will be obtained from users who access the page in the Google search engine.

Check site performance

Google Broad Core Algorithm can check the performance of your site, on the website page will be checked later, whether the website has a low performance. This will impact the search results on Google pages, and the right solution is to follow the algorithm and continue to improve the content.

Determine the quality of Content

Good quality content with relevant information is very influential to readers or users. The content can also have an effect on the results on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Quality content will avoid this Google Broad Core algorithm, so continue to improve the quality of your content.

Check site performance

Google Broad Core Algorithm can check the performance of your site, on the website page will be checked later, whether the website has a low performance. This will impact the search results on Google pages, and the right solution is to follow the algorithm and continue to improve the content.

Determine the quality of Content

Good quality content with relevant information is very influential to readers or users. The content can also have an effect on the results on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Quality content will avoid this Google Broad Core algorithm, so continue to improve the quality of your content.

Give a gift to the page

This Google Broad Core algorithm generously gives awards to websites that used to feel ignored. The number of users who like to visit the article, the quality is original, full of information, and has good writing, so that Google gives awards for sites that have passed the stage of the Google Broad Core algorithm in.

How to fix the Broad Core Algorithm

1. Continue to load content relevant to users
2. Use ad scripts (if there are ads) properly
3. The content you have must be informative (articles are not too shallow)
4. Avoid backlinks and keep updating the original content
5. Create unique content
6. Increase CTR and PPC.

# Google Payday Algorithm

Have you ever used an instant method to get maximum results? If not, then you don't need to worry about the ferocity of the Google Payday algorithm. However, if so, then immediately know and update information about this Google Payday algorithm. This article will try to provide the best reference regarding the Google Payday algorithm, here is a review.

What is the Google Payday Algorithm

The Google Payday algorithm is an algorithm created by the Google search engine. The purpose of this Google Payday algorithm is to identify sites that contain spam to improve the position of the website pages (remember, this method is very dangerous!). Google will be more interested in sites that are trying hard to increase traffic, without having to use techniques that are opposed by Google. Google Payday's algorithm also filters sites that have low quality, such as the crawl ability of the content itself.

The Google Payday algorithm is actually almost similar to other Google algorithms, only the difference is that the Google Payday algorithm focuses on sites that use spam techniques and are of poor quality. The benefits of the Google Payday algorithm are numerous, one of which is like providing penalties and giving rewards to sites in the ranking of Google's search engine.

The Task Of Google Payday Algorithms

1. Checking sites with low quality
2. Checking whether the site uses spam techniques to increase search traffic
3. Checking parts of the site that use illegal SEO techniques (prohibited)
4. Checking the topic of the website, whether it violates the policy or not
5. Give awards to the site (ranking).

# Google Sandbox Algorithm

What is the Google Sandbox Algorithm

The Google Sandbox algorithm is an algorithm created by Google to filter out sites that can be categorized as new sites. This Google Sandbox algorithm can stop ranking by using keywords (keywords) that are competitive until their site is truly eligible to occupy the top page in the Google search engine.

Why did that happen? This is because the Google search engine requires sufficient time to understand the purpose and purpose of the site. Many people use tricks that are prohibited by Google, which is why this new site will be filtered, checking whether relevant or not, so that it affects the search results on Google's search engine.

Google Sandbox Algorithms

Google Sandbox's algorithm really makes a lot of people lose heart, especially the bloggers who are just creating a site. The Google Sandbox algorithm can identify the quality of the site, whether the site has low or very good quality. The keywords here are very influential, for a new site, it takes time to be on the front page of Google, so it's only natural that large sites control the front page of Google because it is already considered search engine friendly.

But don't be discouraged, the Google Sandbox algorithm only lasts about 6 months since your site was created, continue to improve the quality of content so that Google can understand your intentions and objectives in the search engine. Do not use tricks that are prohibited by Google, such as backlinks and copy and paste articles without thorough editing, if you are a new site and have used these tricks, it is certain that your site will be very difficult to compete later, remember the process.

How to Avoid the Google Sandbox Algorithm

1. Continue to update the content at any time
2. For backlinks, choose high-quality backlinks
3. Use SEO techniques recommended by Google
4. Use sitemaps and robots, this is so that Google can crawl your site easily.

# Google Rank Brain Algorithm

What is the Brain Rank Algorithm

As the name of the Rank Brain algorithm, this Rank Brain Algorithm is an algorithm created by Google's search engine whose role is to produce and place more accurate search results for Google users. This algorithm focuses on the keywords (keywords) used in creating content. Not only that, but the Google Rank Brain algorithm can also identify content that is not searching engine friendly, such as poor quality, the article is too shallow for its readers, so readers don't like it.

How to Avoid Google Brain Rank Algorithms

Because the Google Rank Brain algorithm uses machine learning techniques in searches in search engines, so the Google Rank Brain algorithm is very important to apply. For ways to avoid the Google Rank Brain Algorithm, this is as follows.

1. Please do keyword research before creating the article
2. Use good and correct spelling of the word
3. Because this algorithm focuses on keywords, then as much as possible the article contains rich in keywords but strived to be structured (not sticky keyword origin).

# Google Hummingbird algorithm

Internet users or digital marketing must know Google's algorithm on this one. Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the results on a search engine, even though you have tried hard to make the site to its full potential? This Google Hummingbird algorithm has very unique features compared to other algorithms. In this part of the topic, we will discuss how important this Google Hummingbird algorithm is, as well as the impact if it does not update this Google Hummingbird algorithm.

What is the Google Hummingbird Algorithm

The Google Hummingbird algorithm is a Google algorithm that has a role in filtering all information, the information here is that you can find all the answers that you think or ask about on the site or in the article (focusing on content and information). The point is Google wants its users to get the maximum results or answers from the site it is aiming for (depth of content is very influential).

The Importance of the Google Hummingbird Algorithm

The Google Hummingbird algorithm is very important to apply to SEO techniques. Because the Google Hummingbird algorithm focuses on content and information, so when Google changes its algorithm all the time, the effect is not very significant (if it follows this algorithm well). In addition, your website or site is required to add useful keywords as bonuses which will have an impact on page rankings in the Google search engine.

This algorithm is very appropriate for bloggers (article writers), including SEO masters who are involved in web optimization. Your content will be able to compete on Google's top pages if the quality of the content is quality. Google Hummingbird's algorithm in the form of this bird icon provides an effective change to search results because it really depends on the quality of the content.

Features presented in the Google Hummingbird Algorithm

1. Google Hummingbird's algorithm uses natural language (semantics)
2. Focuses on whole sentences (not a few words)
3. This algorithm can function to ensure compatibility between the page and the meaning it wants to convey to its users.
4. Being able to recognize the relationship between concepts and keywords
5. Provide relevant search results with keywords.

# Google Panda Algorithm

What is the Google Panda Algorithm

The Panda algorithm is an algorithm that analyzes and degrades pages that have non-quality and non-unique content. But, if the quality of the content is quality, this algorithm will not hesitate to give the top page in the search engine. If anyone experiences the site or the article does not rise up on the top page of Google, maybe it could be due to the influence of this Google Panda algorithm.

The Task of the Google Panda Algorithm

1. Detecting public content
2. Checking spam
3. Checking pages that contain lots of ads
4. Checking content with irrelevant keywords
5. Providing a ranking of low-quality content

How To Avoid Google Panda Algorithm

1. Focus on building unique content
2. Ad position must be right, not to disturb the user
3. Checking pages that contain lots of ads
4. If affected by the Google Panda algorithm, then create quality content.

# Google Penguin Algorithm

What is the Google Penguin Algorithm

Google Penguin Algorithm is one of the algorithms that is owned by Google. The Google Penguin algorithm can rank in search engines, which is where the content has a good impact on its users. The Penguin algorithm usually monitors bad backlinks and is sometimes very irrelevant. Today, many sites use backlinks to outperform their competitors.

Did you know that there are also many people who use this backlink incorrectly on their site? Backlinks that are not relevant and contain spam from sites that have a low domain level. For this reason, Google implements the Google Penguin algorithm, and this Google Penguin algorithm has an impact of around 7% of searches in the Google search engine.

Google Penguin Algorithm Version Update

This updated Google Penguin algorithm gives users time to think about SEO strategies. From various existing reference sources, where the Google Penguin algorithm gives an impact on the value received by the site if it is proven to violate the algorithm, including them.

1. Google Penguin version 1.0 (has an impact of 3.1%)
2. Secon Penguin (has an impact of less than 0.1%)
3. Google Penguin 1.2 (has an impact of 0.3%)
4. Google Penguin 2.0 (has an impact of 2, 3%)
5. Google Penguin 2.1 (has an impact of 1%)
6. Goole Penguin 3.0 (has an impact of 1%)

# Google Fred's algorithm

What is Google Fred's Algorithm?

Google Fred's algorithm is an algorithm that functions as a filterer of content that has a low depth of information, a site that has links to advertising that violates the rules. Problems such as these are the priorities of the Google Fred algorithm.

How to Avoid the Impact of Google Fred's Algorithm

1. Continue to update quality content
2. Make Google Webmaster as a guide
3. Avoid ads that have a bad impact (such as SARA barbara ads, negative ads, and other things that are not useful for readers).

# Google Mobile Algorithm

What is the Google Mobile Algorithm

The Google Mobile algorithm is an algorithm made by Google that is able to identify sites that do not have mobile-friendly features. Just imagine, if you access a website, but the website when opened does not match the responsive size of the smartphone, has confusing menus, and other things that are friendly categories. Between websites published on a smartphone platform and on a desktop must be compatible or balanced. If not, then the Google Mobile algorithm will eject your site slowly, so try not to experience it.

How to Avoid the Impact of Google Mobile Algorithms

1. Know how important it is to develop a mobile-friendly site
2. Use SEO tools to test website speed
3. Use mobile site templates
4. Avoid excessive script usage.
5. Immediately fix the article pages that have errors or have the highest level of damage.

Those are 10 Google algorithms that you can make references in learning SEO, especially for beginners. If you want to experience an increase in site pages in Google's search engine, immediately update and follow Google's algorithm, it's never too late !.

The more you continue to apply mistakes, the more errors will be stored in Google's database, later when checked using SEO tools, then there will be seen, how bad the website. 

Hopefully, this article provides inspiration, especially learning the types of Google algorithms to be applied in SEO techniques. If anyone comments, please comment, we discuss Google's algorithm.

Thank You...! Good Luck.
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