How to Increase Google Adsense Earning Earnings 2020 - Many Bloggers Don't Know How to Increase Adsense Earnings?  Many bloggers try as hard and as much as possible to flock to register their sites on advertising services organized by Google. 

The biggest program in the field of advertising is indeed loved by local and international investors, but on the other hand, there are also many people who start creating sites and busy registering as the AdSense publisher and make it like a race to make as much money as possible from this program.

How to Increase Google Adsense Earning 2020 - [Pro Blogger Guide 2020]

It certainly must be responded to us well that the business in the digital field is indeed very tempting and therefore you do not need to worry if the number of your visitors decreases due to the number of people who are competing to make a site to become an Adsense publisher that causes your income to start going down too.

How to Make Money from Google Adsense 2020

Google Adsense is the most famous ad network in the world today. If you are a content creator who uses a blog or youtube, it is certain you can work together with Google Adsense to earn revenue.

How to get money from the internet is one of the most searched keywords on Google. Many people are looking for ways to find free money from the internet.

One way to get money from the Internet Without Capital for beginners in 2020 is to become a Google Adsense ad publisher. Not only without capital, without the need for PayPal, but this is also a way to make money from the internet for beginners.

How to get a lot of money in a day?

Maybe this way can provide inspiration for you!

What is Adsense and how can this platform make you get money from the internet without capital for free?
This blog lives from online advertising from Google, namely Adsense.

Benefits of Using Google Adsense Ads

One of the biggest advantages when working with Google Adsense is the relatively easy implementation, especially for novice bloggers. However, rarely bloggers can directly get money from blogs when they are just starting their careers.
This is because ads from Google Adsense are very cheap. Even when you can have 1000 visitors/month, you might only get Rp 1000.

But we need to remember that this is the beginning. There are wise words of life that say: "There is no need for big leaps, not even small steps. The important thing is the right direction ".

I myself use the Google Adsense network since I first set foot in the world of blogging. Even now! Slowly but surely I started working with other ad networks to get higher CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click). Basically not all bloggers who can get approval to become a google AdSense publisher need consistency and patience very great to be able to get it, fortunately for those of you who already have a Google Adsense account because 45% of people fail to get AdSense approval and they start to vacuum from the world of blogging.
I want to talk about a surefire strategy on how to increase Google AdSense earnings or earnings in the slang language hehe. A few months ago I also used this method to increase revenue on my previous blog and it has been proven effective hehe.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the fastest and easiest way for website owners to make money from the internet. Google AdSense is one of the most common and most well-known online business models among online business people in the world and also in Indonesia. The trick is to place Google AdSense ads on the website, if there are website visitors click on these ads then you will get a commission from Google.
How to Increase Google Adsense Earning Earnings 2020 - [Pro Blogger Guide 2020]
Google Adsense

How To Start An Online Business To Make Money From Google AdSense

After you are accepted and have a Google AdSense account, then you can already start advertising on your website and if someone else clicks on the Google AdSense ad, you will get a commission. The easiest way to get income from Google AdSense is by creating a blog website with free services such as at

How Google AdSense works to make money is fairly simple. You simply register yourself as a publisher.

Earn money online by registering a blog on Google Adsense

First of all, you have to enter the official Google AdSense site. If you already have a Google account, then you can simply click the Sign In button. But if you don't have a Google account, you can choose the Sign-Up button.

How to Increase Google Adsense Earning Earnings 2020 - [Pro Blogger Guide 2020]

Next, you will be directed to the registration form to fill in the website data and e-mail address.

How to Increase Google Adsense Earning Earnings 2020 - [Pro Blogger Guide 2020]

At this stage, you can use your Google account e-mail. Then fill in the URL of your website or blog and don't forget to choose your region. Then click Save and Continue.

You can press the Get Started button. After that the registration page is available. Here you are asked to fill in personal profile data on the form provided. You are required to fill in all forms with correct data. Then click Submit.

How to Increase Google Adsense Earning Earnings 2020 - [Pro Blogger Guide 2020]

If you have sent a request to Google, now is the time for you to wait for a reply e-mail from Google. The e-mail contains a statement that your application is still under review or is in the process of Google approval.

Under this review, Google can do it more than 24 hours because of a manual review on your website. This process can take at least 1 to 7 days.

Even though it requires a relatively long time, you are advised to maintain the quality of the website and keep filling the content regularly.

If you receive a reply e-mail stating that Google AdSense has been approved, you can log in to your Google AdSense account. But if you receive a reply e-mail in the form of rejection, then, of course, you cannot log in to your Google Adsense account.

Even though you received approval from Google AdSense, in fact, your request has not been fully received. There are still a few steps you need to take.

Before creating an ad, it's a good idea to read the AdSense Program Policies. Then create ads that are in accordance with Google AdSense recommendations, such as ad content and size.

Adjust ad sizes with the available space on your website. After the ad is created, don't forget to save the ad code in a safe position and do not violate the AdSense Program Policies rules.

If your ad is disapproved, you don't need to worry. You can submit ads again by fixing them according to the advice given by Google. Therefore, you can repeat the process of creating an ad from the beginning.

Easy way to increase google Adsense income

# Create quality content and is liked by readers:-

what is quality content like? is it a long article? the answer is not the intention of quality articles that are articles that are easily understood by your blog readers so they will feel at home hanging on your blog this will result in an increase in AdSense revenue because your blog's average page views are very long and the reader is comfortable seeing your responsive display for more information, please read my article this one.

#Make articles to be seen more in the mobile version:-

why do I suggest this? because most people now use a smartphone in their daily lives, it would not hurt if our blog is designed to support mobile-friendly. The intent of mobile-friendly is that our blog template is easily accessed in a mobile version.

# Use SEO responsive templates:-

A responsive template is a template that is very fast and easy to access. Responsive templates indeed greatly affect earnings of a blog for those of you who want to get to know responsive templates, please read this

# Place ads in the blog header or sidebar:-

Placement of an ad also affects blog income. Try logic friend, if you put it below, there will definitely be a few clicks because the bottom position of a blog is rarely seen by readers, or you can place an ad on the right side of your blog because the right sidebar is very ideal if attached an ad.

#Share Articles on Social Media:-

Content that is very useful there will definitely be a reward that is a share by your blog visitors if your content is shared by many visitors then the opportunity to get money from AdSense will tend to go up because with the share will add to your blog visitors and certainly, humans are not a robot or others.

# Make posts and images that are easy to understand:-

what kind of reader would be bored too if you see too much writing with writing without the support of images the reader will be very difficult to understand a scheme and therefore make supporting images on your website so that readers have easy to understand and not saturated seeing the content content

well that's a little viewer strategy for you guys from me I hope that what I share this time can be useful for you and add your insight in the world of internet marketing so much from me please look forward to my next post.

# 5 Ways to Increase the Number of Adsense Ad Clicks

There have been many efforts to increase ad clicks that are often applied by many beginner Bloggers.

One of them is installing a popup ad model on the post display page hoping the visitor is more forced to click.

But unfortunately, this method is unethical for AdSense policies and is more inclined to the violation.

So it is better to do is to increase the number of clicks on Adsense ads in a more ethical way

The following article reviews about increasing the number of clicks or also called the CTR ratio on your blog can be applied now.

1) Increase Organic Visitors:-

Also, be aware that visitors who come from Google organic are very different from non-organic visitors because in the article Google dares to pay a very expensive click value if the click results obtained come from Google organic traffic.

For easy tips for you, one of the beginner Bloggers who are confused about increasing income through blogs, it's a good idea to post articles regularly, and don't forget to anoint them with SEO OnPage optimization without backlinks.

So with that many visitors who come from Google so that the opportunity to get clicks will be greater.

Many of the beginner Bloggers always do the promotion aggressively, even though if there is a click on ads that do not come from non-organic traffic, then it can be ascertained that the percentage of CPC or CTR obtained will be relatively small, therefore this becomes a cause of income blog is too minimal.

For solutions to these problems, you can regularly update articles without promotion so that the chances of getting visitors to click on ads will be even greater.

Many people assume looking for visitors in large numbers who can invite thousands of clicks is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

This, of course, requires extra patience so that the authorization of the blog can be greater, of course, the article will also be easy to enter the best pages of Google.

2) Add a New Blog:-

The second effort you can do to get a lot of clicks is to use additional blog methods, meaning you don't just focus on just one blog.

However, you can add other blogs that have the same niche, it would be nice to target niche blogs that have a larger CPC reputation.

Therefore the opportunity to get more clicks because you have an additional blog with a google Adsense ad account.

Do post updates regularly so that there are many visitors who do click on the blog.

Do not forget to also link or provide a backlink to the main blog, this is so that the blog gets authorization that is very good in the eyes of Google.

And don't let you get caught up with blogger mistakes that you should avoid, for example lazing around.

3) Setting Ad Balance:-

Maybe this is very rarely heard, but for senior bloggers who often conduct experiments by adjusting the ad, balance is the most effective way to increase AdSense ctr.

You can manage it through a Google Adsense account, please set it according to the blog traffic that you have.

So this is not recommended for blogs that have inadequate visitors, usually more effective above 1000 PV with a 70% ad balance rule.

But also note that when setting ad balance it is better not too low because of the potential for ads that appear easily in a blank state.

This is because Google is trying to display relevant ads and pay handsomely according to the contents of the content you discussed earlier.

4) Use Responsive Templates:-

For the fifth point it is indeed very simple and easier to do, but actually not as you imagine.

Because most beginner Bloggers tend to skew the look with the addition of a very cool widget so that the blog is more focused on its design.

Though it is wrong because the widget can cover the display of ads that you serve to visitors, it is better to use a template that has a very responsive display that is more suitable for how to increase AdSense rpm.

With a simple display, the ads presented will be more prominent, so visitors will be prioritized to read and see these ads.

5) Block Irrelevant Ads:-

For this last step, you need to block ads that are not relevant to the content.

Actually in the increasing stage click AdSense ads is to choose a niche that is more appropriate and not discuss the topic of hodgepodge on your blog.

If the topic has been determined exactly, but still appear irrelevant ads, it is better you need to block the types of ads that are not relevant.

The way is very easy, please copy the ad link and then enter the AdSense account by selecting the "block ads" feature, then please enter the ad link so that it is blocked by the AdSense party.

Thank You...! Good Luck.
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