Hello, friends, I am back with another post. In this post, we will see How to remove the Google Adsense Ad ban. So without wasting our time, let's start.

If you want to set up an alternative display ad, Google AdSense is probably part of your choice. For many bloggers who are starting out, Google AdSense may be the only ad network they use. A limited advertising service is a nightmare for many people. This means that your monetization efforts are limited, and you cannot achieve the full potential of advertising revenue through Google AdSense.

How To Overcome Google Adsense Ad Restrictions - [ Pro Guide ]

In this post, I will discuss more overcoming the limitation of Adsense Ad Display on Blogger, Google Adsense Restricted Ad Factors, different classifications, how they can be overcome, etc.

Factors that cause Adsense Ads are Limited

Ever wondered why Google can limit the number of ads displayed by your AdSense account? All of which leads to the integrity of their advertising network. They want to protect
advertisers from fraud, learn from bad user experiences, and maintain publisher relationships. Often, the extent of ad serving may be temporary until specific issues about traffic quality are resolved. Currently, there are two different ad serving limitations:

1. Account being assessed:

When this limit occurs, AdSense is busy assessing the quality of your traffic. Often, there is no set time to wait for a threshold to be removed. When they get more information about the quality of your traffic, they will automatically review and update the range.

2. Invalid traffic concerns (Invalid Traffic Problems):-

Similar to the situation mentioned above, here, your account is restricted because Google's system has detected many traffic problems. Once they get more information about the quality of your traffic, once again, they will automatically review the limits and update them.

There are various types of invalid traffic, but in general, the traffic is generated by a bot that is sent with a large enough amount so that the target blog is considered spam. Usually it is often called jingling which is done by people who are jealous of the development of your blog.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Adsense Account and How Can You Overcome These Restrictions?

Even though your AdSense account is restricted by Google, you still have access to it and can often monitor the status. Google recommends that you continue creating content and developing your blog. However, with emphasis on traffic quality and Adsense policies.

Read the AdSense program policies and ensure that your site complies with everything:

Next, focus your attention on invalid traffic issues. If you accept the "invalid traffic problem" limit then this section is clear. It is also a good option for all publishers who want to protect their AdSense account from illegal traffic.

You want to keep your blog away from all kinds of invalid traffic. Because ad fraud is a serious problem facing the digital advertising industry, MonetizeMore has launched a service called Traffic Cop to overcome this problem.

By registering for Traffic Cop, I will ensure that your ads, AdSense or other ad networks, are not submitted for invalid traffic. I do this using machine learning to detect and prevent illegal traffic from your ads.

In this way you can keep your Adsense account safe. This ensures that you can illegally invest in your business without the danger hanging over your head. By using services such as Traffic Cop, you will also ensure that the quality of your traffic increases and the likelihood of your AdSense ad serving limit being removed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many AdSense ads can you put per page?

There is no longer a limit to the number of ads you can install per page. Remember that displaying too many advertisements can cause a bad user experience. As a result, users leave your blog, do not click on ads, and install ad blockers. When posting ads, please consider your experience as a user.

How do I see AdSense invalid clicks?

Google has stated that they do not share specific data about an invalid activity or invalid traffic/clicks found on the publisher's site for AdSense. They do this to protect the integrity of their identity system. Google often extracts revenue from publisher AdSense accounts, either through real-time filtering, removing earnings during the final process, or through cuts within 60 days after payment.

Is AdSense for content traffic invalid?

There are various types of invalid traffic, such as normal and sophisticated invalid traffic. Usually associated with traffic generated by bots or non-human traffic, as well as accidental clicks. What this does is that advertisers have to pay for illegal clicks on ads that are not seen by real users. This is a huge risk for publishers as it can cause them to lose revenue and even block their AdSense account.

How do you stop invalid AdSense clicks?

Google does not provide a clear way for publishers to protect themselves from illegal clicks. Instead, they recommend avoiding low-quality traffic sources that are typically full of bot activity, don't click on their own ads, and don't even advertise in places that are prone to accidental clicks Are vulnerable.

This is a good tip, but will not guarantee that you do not receive invalid traffic. We recommend using services like Traffic Cop which uses machine learning to filter traffic and block invalid traffic.

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