Welcome to today's blogging related post. In this post, I am going to tell you some tips that you can follow by getting Adsense Account Approval of your blog. This is the only center point of today's post: - Google Adsense Approval Tips For Blogger Blog. So let's get started.

Top 10+ Adsense Approval Tips [2020] - [Blogger Guide 2020]

Today I Will Tell You Some Basic Tips To Get Adsense Approval For Your Websites.

New Bloggers do not have knowledge of Google AdSense Policy, due to which the website gets rejected.

Here are Some important tips to approve Google AdSense Account Fastly.

How To Get Approval in Adsense Account [2020]
I Have Followed All The Guidelines Of Google Adsense, In Which my Adsense Was Approved Within 6 Days. And at That Time in my blog, I have just 12 posts. So, Guy's you Also can get the same. Only You Have to Follow The Guidelines Of Google Adsense.
Now I will Share All Those Adsense Guideline Here. With All These techniques 100% of your AdSense account will be approved.
So, follow the below-given tips before approving the Google AdSense account.
There Are many problems in Google Adsense which most of the blogger's face.

 Top 10+ Adsense Approval Tips [2020] 

It is very important for every blogger to have an AdSense account approved. Because AdSense is the 1st income source for every blogger. But due to the lack of proper guidelines, most bloggers ignore it.
So I have shared all the AdSense tips here that will be approved your Google AdSense in a short time.
Do not ignore any step in these Top 10+ Google AdSense Approve Tips.
1. Blog Designing { Responsive Theme }
This is a very big mistake that most of the people do not approve of AdSense. Blogger makes you blog over-optimized. This means it makes your theme heavy. Blog design is slow due to more design, as well as Google AdSense does not approve. Better use Simple And premium Theme only. I would recommend you to use SEO friendly theme.
Simply type "SEO friendly themes" in Google and you will find many best themes.
2. Prohibited Content
Your blog should not contain content that is against the guideline of AdSense.
If you write content on the topics given below, your blog's AdSense will never approve.
  • Adult Site
  • Copied article
  • Hacking or cracking
  • Drugs
  • Illegal Site
  • Malware Site
3. Domain Age
If your blog is a professional type, then Google AdSense approval will be received in a few days.
4. Don't Use Other Ad Networks
If you have a new blog and already have an ad network, then before applying AdSense, remove all ads network codes.
You can add another Ad network after AdSense is approved later.
5. Add XML Sitemap 
Before submitting AdSense Approval, submit the sitemap of the blog in another search engine.
If you don't know how to create a sitemap simply, install the Yoast plugin, 
Yoast automatically creates a sitemap.
If your blog is on a blogger then there is no need to do anything in it, it automatically creates a sitemap.
6. Create Important Pages
First of all, in your blog create Important pages like:-
  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap
Note: Disclaimer page has no importance in blog , you can ignore it. 

7. Blog Traffic
Many new blogger's questions are "After how much traffic should AdSense be applied?"
I believe that traffic is not important.
8. Number of Posts
Many bloggers have this question,
“After how many posts should AdSense apply? 20, 300 or 50 ”
This is not mentioned anywhere in the guidance of AdSense, how much blog post should be there?
So, write 1500+ words post defiantly you will get the approval.
9. Copyright Content
If you are copying content from another blog and using it in your blog, then all the hard work is useless.
You cannot use text, images from other blogs. These are all copyrighted content.
Google never approve copyright content blog.
Every post on the blog should be unique or high-quality content which is not on any site.
10. Copyright Image
You cannot use an image from any website, that too is copy content. Many bloggers use a pic from Google Image, they are not good for your blog. If you want to use the image on your blog, then use the free copyright image.
Use Free Copyright Images From These Sites:-
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay
11. Use Custom Domain
There are many free domains on the Internet. Like, “.tk”, “.ga”, “. XYZ”.
Having AdSense approval in this type of domain is a 95% chance. Because Google does not trust free domains or such domains are never secure. If your blog is on Blogspot, then buy a custom domain. This changes your AdSense approval soon.
Use TOP Level Domain:-
For Example:  .com, .in, .org, .net
12. Website navigation
Set your Blog Navigation Menu properlyDo not make the user confuse or difficult type navigation. You can see our navigation menu, main has added important links to it.

 What to do After AdSense Account Disapproved

Don’t Lose Your Hope Have Patience.
It is not that once AdSense is rejection your blog will not approve. You can apply AdSense again and again, there is no limit to it. But before applying AdSense again, make sure to check your Gmail. The reason for your AdSense disapproved must have come in your Gmail.
Below are some reasons why most Google AdSense are disapproved.
  1. You won't have blog insufficient content either.
  2. Or you may be bringing traffic to the blog incorrectly.
  3. Either you have a Blog By Mistake 2 Gmail will be AdSense apply too,
  4. Or the navigation (theme design) of your blog will not be good.
  5. Or the Black hat SEO technique will be able to use.
  6. Reasons not to set Google AdSense code correctly.
  7. Or your Blog Broken Links due too also.
Thank You...!
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