Hello friends, all of you are welcome in our another new blog post, today we will know finally What is Off Page Seo and How To Perform Off-Page Seo today, I am going to tell you in detail about all the SEO techniques. 

What is Off-Page SEO - Full Pro Guide For Beginners | Master Blogging Tips [2020]
I promise you You will get complete information about off-page SEO. First of all, I want to tell you that off-page optimization is a part of an SEO i.e. it is a sub-category of SEO if we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are only two ways in which we can optimize any blog or website.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Friends, Easy ways to tell you that off-page techniques in the optimization of which you make your content friendly to search engines to the search engine optimization are called off-page SEO  strong outer casing of your blog or website Has to be made so that Google can rank your website.
In off-page SEO  you have to create an identity authority of your website, friends, in this you have to use some techniques, friends. When a new website is created, initially Google does not trust it and initially, that website does not rank.
Because it has not yet created a trust that the blog will contain content and as you write content and show consistency and increase the authority of your website like creating backlinks, social media sharing, social bookmarking, guest posts, Forum submission all off-page SEO  is a technique the only way you generate a unique identity in the world to your website the same thing of page Optimization.

Off-Page Seo Techniques:-

Friends above, I told you what is the off-page ACO and in this, we will know what is off-page techniques so that we can increase the online presence of our blog, in this we promote our website,  whether it is link-building. , comes to social media optimization, your website to all these processes are expected to submit to web directories  to off-page techniques  are
Because writing a long, long article does not end your work. Your website is a business where you have to spread your business around, so you should work keeping all these SEO  techniques in mind, only then your business will grow. 

How to do Off-Page SEO?

Friends, now we know how you can do off-page optimization of your website, that is, in what ways can we do off-page optimization so that our website can be quickly ranked in Google and its authority is large.

Off-Page SEO

When it comes to the off-page, the main focus is on backlinks. Backlinks in a way give support to the website. The more quality backlinks there are, the more Google's reputation will increase your website's reputation. Let's understand what to do in Off-page SEO -
1. Search Engine Submission- Firstly submit your website on free websites like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa, Alltheweb, Lycos, Excite, etc. After some time, I will also upload the list of some good search engine submissions so that you will be able to rank your website faster.
2. Use Keyword in Post- Try to start writing posts from your keywords. Ranking increases rapidly with keywords in the starting of the content itself. Also, use your keywords in the heading tags.
3. Bookmarking Websites- Bookmarking websites have higher caching frequency than other websites. Submit your websites on good websites like digg.com, newsvine.com, reddit.com. There is a list of thousands of websites on the Internet, but keep in mind that they do not do more than 20 bookmarking in a day. Bookmarking on many sites is also sometimes powerful.
4. Submit a link to your website on good directory websites like Directory Submission- Dmoz, Viasearch. These websites provide strong backlinks.
5. Facebook Page- Facebook is the largest social networking website to date where millions of people are connected to each other. Facebook is the best way to promote your website. Create your own Facebook page and make some nice images and upload to the Facebook page. Entertain people and try to get a good liking, it is not necessary that only posts about the site are put on the page. Many times also put some good jokes or quotes, so that your page will remain active.
6. Use Google+ to Boost Organic Traffic- Google+ itself is a social networking platform created by Google, so it is clear that Google focuses more on it than Facebook. Make your profile attractive on Google+ and increase your followers.
7. Use Twitter and Hashtag- Twitter is also a favorite platform of people today. Increase your followers on Twitter and make regular tweets. Do the handicap. The hashtag does not help Google ranking, but it is a good medium to increase traffic.
8. Classified Submission- Olx, Quikr These are some of the best Classified websites. In the Classified website, we can advertise our website for free. Go to these websites and promote your website.
9. Participate in Question & Answers- Also participate on websites like Quora, Yahoo answer, and another question answer. Question people, answer some people's questions and in the answer, you can add a link to your website.
10. Slide share- Search some good websites for slide submission, like - Slideshare.com., Speakerdeck.com These are my favorite websites. The advantage of these is that they rank quickly in Google, which gives our website referral traffic and also creates a backlink.
11. Blog Commenting - Also comment on some good traffic blogs. In the comment, give the URL of your website. From here you will get very good referral traffic and will create a strong backlink.
12. Pinterest Photo Sharing- Pinterest is trending quite a bit these days. Make some nice images and submit them to Pinterest. In Pinterest, you can also put a link to your website on the picture. So when a user clicks on a picture, he goes to your website. In this way, Pinterest is a good medium to generate traffic.
13. Guest Post- If the blog or website has already grown, you should submit your guest post on such blogs. By which people will get to know you and traffic will start coming to your website.
Friends, now you have completely understood the basics of search engine optimization. If you want any help, write your question in the comment We will definitely give you a solution. Thank you….

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